Physiotherapy for sciatica in Bangalore, pinched nerve in lower back.
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Pinched nerve in lower back 

Pinched Nerve In Lower Back, physiotherapy for sciatica in Bangalore by Pro Physiotherapy. 

What are the best treatments when you feel Pinched Nerve in Lower Back?

Don’t ignore when you feel pinched nerve in lower back. Damage may be minor or chronic from a pinched nerve. This can be long effect of pain or for some temporarily felt. Diagnosis or treatment for nerve pressure is a relief. So as early as possible you should know what the causes are and what treatment needed.


Pinched Nerves may occur when holding in one position for a long period of time such as sitting, standing or sleeping. Nerve pressure frequently occurs when pressed between tissues such as bone, tendon, and ligament Inflammation on nerve root to the spine may cause low back pain or neck pain.

Cervical Radiculopathy is another cause where one of nerve roots near cervical vertebrae was damaged. Sciatic Nerve Pain is a pain affecting sciatic nerve, the nerve from the lower back extending down the back of your legs. Nerve pressure in your arm or neck may also cause symptoms in your elbow, hand, wrists, extending to your fingers and leads to conditions such as Tennis elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or Peripheral Neuropathy.

A Protective barrier around your nerve may break down if you let this nerve compression last for a long time. Swelling, scarring, or extra pressure may cause when fluid build up.


Sometimes pain may be the only symptoms or sometimes you will feel no pain.

Here are the compressed nerves common symptoms: Numbness and weakness especially when doing certain chores Burning sensation especially when sitting Radiating pain Pain in affected areas such as neck or lower back Sometimes pain worsen you do such movements like turning your head, straining your neck, sitting down or lying down the bed.


Treatment varies depending on how long the pain it takes and how severe it may be. You may test this by simply doing simple exercises or making movements to see which affected areas you feel the pain. When pain still occurs, consult your doctor. Treatment may be: Oral Corticosteroids – Prescribed by doctors to reduce pain and swelling. NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) – drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin, or naproxen that may reduce pain.

Splint – Soft Collar that limits movement and allows your muscles to rest for a certain period of time.


Physical Therapy Surgery There are many treatment you can find when you feel pinched nerve in lower back. Before doing these treatment, make sure you consulted the best physiotherapist from Pro physiotherapy for sciatica in Bangalore. 

Pro Physiotherapy provides the best physiotherapy for sciatica in Bangalore or any other pinched nerve related issues.  

Depends on the situation physiotherapy treatments are like electrotherapy and exercise therapy.


To reduce pain, physiotherapy modalities used for pinched nerve like cervical Radiculopathy Or sciatica are like

Intermittent cervical and lumbar traction,
Moist heat, etc.

Exercise Therapy:

To improve the sciatica or any pinched nerve related pain, the most important exercise therapy is manual therapy like 

Manual Traction. 
Soft tissue massage. 
Strengthening program. 

To know more about physiotherapy for sciatica in Bangalore contact Pro Physiotherapy Clinic. Pro Physiotherapy also provides home visit facilities. 

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