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Welcome to Pro Physiotherapy Bangalore. Our group has originated from various foundations and is an Experienced Physiotherapist in Jayanagar, J.P.Nagar, Bannerghatta road, Bangalore, if it’s not too much trouble select the person to discover more data in regards to their aptitudes and experience. Friendly Clinic Near You. Experienced Physiotherapist: Our Physiotherapists can do assessment of a person’s physical abilities (like strength and all joint range of motion) and also minimize the risk of injury when starting a new session/ case, assessment of cardiovascular stabilities also very important, our physiotherapists do it properly.

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Specialized Physical Therapy Care

Each session with a physiotherapist is unique, because it depends on the client’s health issues and needs. However, a visit to a physiotherapist in Pro Physiotherapy generally includes: • Learning about the patient’s medical history; • Assessing and diagnosing the patient’s condition and needs; • Helping the patient set and reach physical goals; • Creating a treatment plan that accounts for patient’s health, lifestyle and activities; • Prescribing a course of exercises and necessary devices. If you are experiencing issues with movement or function or are just seeking to optimize your health, why not check out a trusted resource like a professional physiotherapist in Pro Physiotherapy.

Home Care Physiotherapy

Home Physiotherapy. Often Physiotherapy is seen as something that can only be accessed if people can make it to the clinic. However, most physiotherapy services can easily be carried out in a person’s home.

Physiotherapy after Stroke

Stroke Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Physiotherapy improves recovery of function and mobility after a stroke.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Post operative physiotherapy &  rehabilitation: For many illnesses and injuries, surgery is often a necessary solution and, depending on the severity of the illness or injury in question, is almost always nerve-wracking. But physical therapy can actually help the recovery and healing process after a major surgery! .

Paediatric Physiotherapy

A Paediatric Physiotherapist offers early intervention for children who may have neurological and developmental delays as well as sensory impairments related to hearing and vision. .


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We assure a best results and make you smile. Our Physiotherapists are Experienced Physiotherapists offer a wide assortment of treatment alternatives to suit your individual needs. Every Physiotherapist has explicit abilities and aptitude created over long stretches of clinical work.

Dr.J Mazumdar

Senior Physiotherapist

Dr.David James


Dr. Ena Dicrosa


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We at Pro Physiotherapy , always stay as close as possible to our patients. Understand our patients prefernce, patients disease, do proper assesement and then plan the treatment protocol. 

The best physiotherapist in Pro Physiotherapy clinic who thoroughly asses the details of problems and treat well and provide you a very professional and right way to get back strength and normal movementMazumdar, A really the best physiotherapist and moreover, he is a good human being, Really polite and friendly, very professional & helping nature. He gives the best treatment.

Randhir Kumar Senior Software Engineer

Physiotherapist Dr. J Mazumdar has been my family’s physiotherapist for many years. He is committed, friendly, and very hard working. Excellent pro Physio!! Takes personal interest. we would definitely recommend him. Physiotherapy near me Physiotherapist in Bangalore Physiotherapist near me in Bengaluru.

Sonal Content Writer

The best physiotherapist in the Pro Physiotherapy clinic who thoroughly assess the details of problems and treat you well and provide you a very professional and right way to get back strength and normal movement.

Sumbul Homemaker
At Pro physiotherapy, we offer the advanced treatment and assure the best results.
 The best physiotherapy clinic

 What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can be defined as a treatment method that focuses on the science of movement and helps people restore, maintain and maximize their physical strength, function, motion, and overall well-being by addressing the underlying physical issues. Physiotherapy Treatment: What Conditions do Physiotherapists Treat? As professionals, physiotherapists are experts at providing physiotherapy treatment for: • Preventing injury and disability; • Managing acute and chronic conditions; • Improving and maintaining optimal physical performance; • Rehabilitating injury and the effects of disease or disability; • Educating patients to prevent re-occurrence of an injury. Patients may be referred to or seek assistance from a physiotherapist for a variety of health issues and receive valuable assistance. Physiotherapists offer treatments relating to the following conditions: • Cardiorespiratory: providing support, prevention, and rehabilitation for people suffering from diseases and injuries that affect the heart and lungs, such as asthma. • Cancer, palliative care, and lymphedema: treating, managing, or preventing fatigue, pain, muscle, joint stiffness, and deconditioning. • Incontinence: managing and preventing incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction. • Women’s health concerns: addressing health issues surrounding pregnancy, birth, post-partum care, breastfeeding, menopause, bedwetting, prolapsed, loss of bladder or bowel control. • Musculoskeletal: preventing and treating clients with musculoskeletal conditions such as neck and back pain. • Neurological: promoting movement and quality of life in patients who have had severe brain or spinal cord damage from trauma, or who suffer from neurological diseases such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. • Orthopedic: helping patients prevent or manage acute or chronic orthopedic conditions such as arthritis and amputations. • Pain: managing or preventing pain and its impact on function in patients. Accordion TitlePhysiotherapy Techniques: What Techniques do Physiotherapists Use? Physiotherapists employ a variety of techniques, depending on the nature of the injury or problem they are treating. The most common physiotherapy techniques are: • Manual manipulation: Moving joints and soft tissue helps to improve circulation, drain fluid from the body, and relax overly tight muscles with spasms. • Electrical nerve stimulation: Small electrical currents delivered to affected areas helps to suppress and block pain signals to the brain. • Acupuncture: Needles stimulate the nervous system and work to dull pain, release muscles, boost the immune system and regulate various body functions. • Demonstration: Teaching proper movement patterns allows patients to help heal themselves. • Functional testing: Testing a patient to assess his/her physical abilities. • Device provision: Prescription, fabrication, and application of assistive, adaptive, supportive, and protective devices and equipment.

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About Pro Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapist in Pro Physiotherapy Clinic (search in google near me , pro physiotherapy clinic) are well experienced to diagnosis your problem and to treat the condition depends on the diagnosis and treat the root cause of the patients problem . J Mazumdar, physiotherapist is managing the pro physiotherapy clinic near me – bangalore , having 12+years of clinical experiences and treated more than 10+ k cases successfully , he has treated almost all the critical cases like stroke ( hemiparesis), Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, GB Syndrome, TKR ( total knee arthroplasty), cervical spondylosis , disc bulge, slip or herniation , knee pain, osteoarthritis , he has also treated pre/post operative ACL Rehabilitation more than 1000 cases successfully and the patients are again doing there normal activities whether they are normal people or sportsmen. Pro Physioherapy clinic also provides you the best quality Physiotherapy in affordable fees to the near by areas of Bangalore . And the Physiotherapists are carrying all the equipments related to your condition after discussing with you and/or after first session of assessing the case. So there is no problems at all whether you are able to visit or not able to visit near by Pro Physiotherapy Clinic- Bangalore. Whenever you choose a physiotherapist or Physiotherapy Clinic whether it’s near to you or not but definitely you should cross check them whether the are well experienced to handle your case , whether the physiotherapist treated any cases or how many cases like your condition treated before. It’s always better to choose a physiotherapist or Physiotherapy Clinic near to you. Our physiotherapists having minimum 3 years of clinical experience. Physiotherapy is a field of knowledge, skills and experience , if your selected Physiotherapist having these qualities it’s good or else contact Pro Physiotherapy Clinic near Bangalore. Our main Rehabilitation unit is Jayanagar 5th block and Jayanagar 8th block . Other than we have clinic in JP Nagar 1st phase , JP Nagar 5th phase, bannerghata road and we provide home care Physiotherapy in entire south Bangalore as of now . We are planning to start providing physiotherapy services to the entire Bangalore from January 2021. Services we provide in near by clinic in Bangalore Top areas like: Jayanagar 5th block. Jayanagar 8th block. JP Nagar 5th phase. JP Nagar Ring road . JP Nagar 1st phase. Bannerghata road Home care services we provide in entire south Bangalore, like utrrahalli, Kumara Swamy layout, BTM layout etc. Our prices for Physiotherapy starts from 250 to 700 hundred depends on modalities, time and location.