What Are The Effects Of Stroke?
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 What Are The Effects Of Stroke? 

By J Mazumdar

Devastating effects of stroke. 

The effects of stroke can be devastating. Stroke has left many patients disabled worldwide. There are several complications that occur when the brain is damaged depending on the size and site of the brain affected. After a stroke, you may suffer the following:  

Speech and language problems;   

Vision difficulties;   

Muscle strength and mobility problems;   

Thinking and understanding capabilities;   

Lack of sexual desire; and   

Lack of motivation

Stroke effects can be worse if the stroke victim suffers from other conditions such as those affecting the kidney and liver. However, stroke effects can be reduced and recovery is possible. Good medications for stroke are available, but treatment has to be started within hours after the onset of stroke symptoms.

Many people who have suffered a stroke commonly have frustrations, mood swings and suffer from depression. They often worry about their recovery to normal functioning. Professional counseling may be necessary for stroke patients. The worst effects of a stroke occur when the family falls apart after a member has suffered a stroke.

This is usually exacerbated when there is lack of communication, lack of acceptance and inability to handle change positively. The families of the stroke patients may also need professional counseling to assist them with coping and understanding the difficulties their stroke patient is faced with and the effects of the stroke. If you have suffered a stroke, you can recover successfully if you follow a good recovery plan and have full support from those close to you, your friends or family members.

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